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Exhausting the tentative list

Author Assif
#1 | Posted: 12 Aug 2017 19:04 
Some countries are thorough in their use of the tentative list. Tendentially, each of the TWHS is proposed before it is either inscribed or retracted. These countries seem to be the exception. Other countries revise their T-lists more frequently without necessarily going through the nomination process with each of the entries.

Here are some examples of countries of the first type. This is evident from the list of former TWHS:

Argentina (3 nominated out of 5), Congo DR (2/2), Costa Rica (7/8), Croatia (2/2), Cyprus (3/4), Ethiopia (and Eritrea) (4/4), Latvia (4/5), Luxemburg (2/2), Norway (5/8), Pakistan (4/4), Ukraine (4/4), Uruguay (2/2).

Author Solivagant
#2 | Posted: 13 Aug 2017 04:35 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Pakistan (4/4)

Particularly for the early years all info re dates and T Lists needs to be read/understood with care for the various situations which could occur - in fact Pakistan has NEVER retracted a site from its T List.
Its first T List was submitted dated Aug 82 with 15 sites on it of which 6 - Shalimar (1980), Lahore fort (1980), Moenjodaro (1980), Thatta (1979), Taxila (1980), Takht-i-Bahi (1980) had already been inscribed!
At the same time it was in various stages of pursuing another 4 sites which were not shown on its T List. In fact 2 of these (Kirthar and Lal Sonhara) were rejected at the Dec 82 Paris WHC. The 1981 Bureau in effect "deferred" the Hunza rock carvings and the 1981 WHS papers mentioned that Kirthat, Indus Dolphins and Lal Sonhara had been received too late and would be considered in 1982 - what exactly happened re the Dolphins I don't know). Since these sites WERE nominated unsuccessfully and do not now appear on Pakistan's T List they appear on our list as having been "Former Tentative Sites".

In fact the other 9 sites on the original 1982 T List 8 are STILL there (Tomb of Hazrat Multan, Badshahi Lahore, Wazir Khan Lahore, Tombs of Jahangir etc, Hiran Minar, Rani Kot, Shah Jahan Thatta, Chaukhandi) - though on our site they have all had their "T List Submission" dates changed to a later T List proposal - 1993. For "accuracy" it might have been better to leave dates as per the original T List submission but UNESCO practice seems to be to show dates as at the latest submission so if earlier T List sites are included on later T Lists then the full picture is "lost"
Across the period since 1982 Pakistan has, however, added numerous other sites to its T List (Which now stands at 26!) whilst at the same time ONLY inscribing 1 site from the original T List Rohtas in 1997 and trying with Hiran Minar in 2010/11, failing TWICE on the basis of "lateness" and "incompletenes" whilst at the same time failing to score the "open goal" offered to it by UNESCO for the Badshahi Mosque if it would only nominate it!

So Pakistan actually demonstrates exactly the second of the approaches you have identified - for ever adding new T List sites without clearing off the old ones either by successful nomination or by removal from its T List!

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