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WHS Meetup 2017

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Author nfmungard
#31 | Posted: 4 Jul 2017 06:47 
However I'd like to see Ceuta. Seems more appealing than Tanger. Would it be an option to take the ferry to Tanger, go to Tetouan by taxi, take another taxi to Ceuta and from there the ferry back to Algeciras?

I seem to recall that most ferries to Tanger go via Tarifa (you can take a shuttle bus from Algeciras). Personally, I would prefer to stick to two locatios, Tetouan and Ceuta. There are at least 10 ferries daily costing 60€.

Author tsunami
#32 | Posted: 7 Jul 2017 12:11 | Edited by: tsunami 
I also prefer the Agraciras - Ceuta - Tetouan route.

At Ceuta, which is a Spanish territory, it sounds like we will be taking a cab from the ferry port to the border (4 km), walk through the Spainish and Moroccan customs, and take another cab for 40 km to Tetouan, which supposedly costs 5 Euros per ride after a hard negotiation. I read bus is not recommended as it is slow and hot inside.

Author kintante
#33 | Posted: 11 Jul 2017 02:42 
Sounds good. If we can avoid Tanger that's good for me too. Currently the direct options I found for Algeciras-Ceuta-Algeciras are following (price per person for the return trip):
07:30-08:30 / 20:00-21:30 - 67 EUR
06:00-07:00 or 08:00-09:30 / 17:30-18:30 - 60 EUR
06:00-07:00 or 08:00-09:30 / 20:00-21:30 - 60 EUR
07:50-09:00 / 19:15-20:25 - 60 EUR

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