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2019 WHC

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Author winterkjm
#76 | Posted: 15 Jun 2017 12:21 
Potential Nominations for 2019 (52)

Africa (8)
Ancient Metallurgy Sites of Iron Production (Ronguin, Tiwega, Yamane, Kindbo, Bekuy, Douroula) (Burkina Faso) C
Le Camp de Concentration de Tarrafal (Cabo Verde) C
Parc National de Zakouma (Chad) N
Sultanats Historiques des Comores (Comores) C
The Thimlich Ohinga Cultural Landscape (Kenya) CL
Kamablon (Mali) C
Ancient Kano City Walls and Associated Sites (Nigeria) C
Memorial Sites of Genocide: Nyamata, Murambi and Bisesero Gisozi (Rwanda) C

Arab States (4)
Pharaoh Island (Egypt) C
Kuwait Towers (Kuwait) C
Cultural Landscape of Cremisan Valley [Extension] (Palestine) CL *Possible emergency nomination for 2018
Sharjah: the Gate to Trucial States (UAE) C

Asia (17)
Mahasthangarh and its Environs (Bangladesh) CL
City Walls of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (China) C
The Ancient Waterfront Towns in the South of Yangtze River (China) C
Lotus Temple, Delhi (India) C
The Glorious Kakatiya Temples and Gateways (India) C
Jômon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaidô, Northern Tôhoku, and other regions (Japan) C
Hin Nam No National Protected Area (Laos) N
Plain of Jars (Laos) C
Bagan Archaeological Area and Monuments (Myanmar) C
Northern Mountain Forest Complex (Myanmar) N
Batanes Protected landscapes and seascapes (Philippines) C
Southwestern Coast Tidal Flats (Republic of Korea) N
Seowon, Confucian Academies of Korea (Republic of Korea) C
Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat (Thailand) C
Cultural Landscape of Chiang Mai (Thailand) CL
Badhyz State Nature Reserve (Turkmenistan) N
Cat Ba Archipelago [Extension] (Vietnam) N

Europe (20)
Great Spas of Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czechia, France, Germany, Italy, UK) C
Frontiers of the Roman Empire - Danube Limes [extension] (Austria, Germany, Hungary) C
Grossglockner High Alpine Road (Austria) C
Saviour Transfiguration Church and St. Sophia Cathedral in the town of Polatsk (Belarus) C
Augustow Canal (Belarus, Poland) C
Mining Cultural Landscape Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří (Czechia, Germany) C
Cultural Landscape of the Stud Farm at Kladruby nad Labem (Czechia) CL
The D-Day Landing Beaches, Normandy, 1944 (France) C
Chaîne des Puys et faille de Limagne (France) N
Hydraulic Engineering and Hydropower, Drinking Water and Decorative Fountains in Augsburg (Germany) C
Padova Urbs Picta. Giotto, the Scrovegni Chapel (Italy) C
Cross-border Space Maritime-Mercantour (Italy, France, Monaco) N
Nieuwe Hollandse Waterline (Netherlands) C
Royal Building of Mafra - Palace, Basilica, Convent, Walled Garden and Hunting Grounds (Portugal) C
L'ensemble monumental de Tirgu Jiu (Romania) C
Monuments of Ancient Pskov (Russia) C
The Timeless, Humanistic Architecture of Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana and Prague (Slovenia, Czechia) C
Risco Caido and the sacred mountains of Gran Canaria Cultural Landscape (Spain) CL
Priorat-Montsant-Siurana Mediterranean Agricultural Landscape (Spain) CL
Bulwarked Fortifications of the "Raia" (Border) (Spain, Portugal) C

Latin America/Caribbean (3)
Serra do Divisor National Park (Brazil) N
The Underwater City of Port Royal (Jamaica)
The Work of the Engineer Eladio Dieste (Uruguay) C

Cultural - 43
Natural - 9

Currently Eligible under the Operational Guidelines
4 - Czechia
4 - France
4 - Germany
3 - Austria
3 - Italy
3 - Spain

Author Durian
#77 | Posted: 28 Jun 2017 00:32 

Author Durian
#78 | Posted: 2 Jul 2017 21:55 
Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat (Thailand) C

Governor of Nakhon Si Thammarat reported that the nomination dossier will submit to UNESCO this November or December.

Author winterkjm
#79 | Posted: 12 Jul 2017 05:14 | Edited by: winterkjm 
The Colonial Transisthmian Route of Panamá (Boundary Modification)

http://www.panamaon.com/noticias/ocio-y-cultura/27452-las-fortificaciones-de-la-costa -caribena-de-panama-portobelo-y-san-lorenzo.html

Paraty Culture and Biodiversity (Brazil)

With its latest Incomplete dossier in 2018, perhaps finally 2019 will be the year? The wait and effort for Brazil's first mixed WHS has been a long one!

2018 - Incomplete - not examined
2016 - Incomplete - not examined
2013 - Incomplete - not examined
2012 - Incomplete - not examined

Author kkanekahn
#80 | Posted: 12 Jul 2017 12:26 
Majuli Island Cultural Landscape

India plans to send nomination dossier of Majuli Island as cultural landscape this year; hence bid for 2019.

Author Durian
#81 | Posted: 27 Jul 2017 21:51 
It is interesting to know that after S Korea announced the nomination of Seowon. Chinese media reported that many Chineses are not happy and consider korea steal their culture and want to protest. Something unusual from the country that control its media, such reports must get consent from chinese government. Let's wait and see what will happen in 2019.

Author winterkjm
#82 | Posted: 27 Jul 2017 23:15 
China, Korea, and Japan pay close attention to each others world heritage program.

I doubt the Chinese government actually has a serious problem with this. Korea does not claim Confucian Academies as originating in Korea, simply put the Seowon nomination(s) central argument is that these nine Confucian Academies mark a distinct form of Neo-Confucian ritual and architectural design that emerged during the Joseon period. Moreover, there is an assertion that-rituals and traditions of these Seowon are still alive, while in most (if not all) other East Asian nations, that is not the case.

Comparative Analysis
Confucian academies were first built in China. Chinese academies are known to affect the similar institutions in its neighboring countries such as Korea, Japan and Vietnam, but the tradition in Japan and Vietnam has almost been cut off as of today. What makes the nine Korean Confucian academies distinctive compared to the equivalent of those in China are as follows: - 5 traits that differentiate Korean and Chinese Confucian Academies and traditions are listed

In the end, if China would like to nominate their Confucian Academies, there is nothing preventing them.

Author Durian
#83 | Posted: 27 Jul 2017 23:42 

The chinese government may not have problem on the site nomination, but it is a part of anti-korea sentiment that rapidly developed in Chinese media especially after THAAD installation. If the chinese government let the sentiment to keep growing by using reason that easily attract nationalists like Korean stealing Chinese culture, we may see those nationalists send a protest letter to UNESCO! It may not jeopardize the nomination, but it will make more work for Korean.

Author Solivagant
#84 | Posted: 28 Jul 2017 06:28 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Chinese media reported that many Chineses are not happy and consider korea steal their culture and want to protest.

Thanks for this - it appears that Anti-Korean sentiment in China has impacted and continues to impact on both UNESCO tangible and Intangible nominations made or planned by the 2 countries. But it cuts both ways with China complaining about Korea's views and Korea complaining about those of China!

I have extracted these further examples from the Web of UNESCO related disputes/"spats" between Korea and China - both real and "rumoured" (which can of course stir up nationalistic passions as much as "real" ones) - they might be of interest/of use for future reference.

a. We have in the past commented on the fact that Korea and China were unable to reach agreement on a combined nomination of Koguryo sites which was eventually inscribed separately by each in 2004 - this subject it appears is in fact highly charged with Koreans claiming that China is "muscling" in on its history. See
North-East Project - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northeast_Project_of_the_Chinese_Academy_of_Social_Scie nces
Koguryeo Controversies - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goguryeo_controversies

b. Another example is China being upset at Korea claiming the Gangneyung Danoje Festival as World Intangible Heritage. China wanted a joint "Dragon Boat Festival" nomination but Korea refused. See https://web.williams.edu/AnthSoc/native/duanwu.htm

c. Another point of contention has been the rumour that Korea wants to register Hangul Characters (derived from Chinese ones) on the Intangible List - http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=104&oid=001&aid=0001857924

d. And then there is Mount Paekdu. China has registered the Changbia Mountains (which include Mt Paekdu) on its T List ("Vertical Vegetation Landscape and Volcanic Landscape in Changbai Mountain"). S Korea still claims the whole of the mountain (as well as DPRK of course) and that the current de facto border which shares the summit was illegally given away by DPRK in the Korean War. See - http://thediplomat.com/2012/12/baekdu-mountain-chinas-other-territorial-dispute/

These 2 Wiki articles cover the history of cultural Sino-Korean hostility in both "directions" - those of us not versed in the complex interactions between Far Eastern cultures might find them of use/interest!
a. Anti-Korean Sentiment in China - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Korean_sentiment_in_China
(I love the example of "Konghanzheng " = "Fear of Korea Disease" stemming from China's failure to beat Korea at Soccer over many games!)
b. Sinophobia in Korea - (page down to 1.1.2) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinophobia

Author Durian
#85 | Posted: 31 Jul 2017 04:23 | Edited by: Durian 
Japan - Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun, Ancient Tumulus Clusters

Official selection for 2019 WHC - Osaka finally get a chance to have WHS with its biggest mausoleum in the world.


Author winterkjm
#86 | Posted: 31 Jul 2017 15:51 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Starting to progress through the 2019 nominations (not finished). There are several nominations that seemed to have fell of the radar completely.

Official Nomination (Confirmed) (3)
Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun, Ancient Tumulus Clusters (Japan)
Seowon, Confucian Academies of Korea (Republic of Korea)
Hydraulic Engineering and Hydropower, Drinking Water and Decorative Fountains in Augsburg (Germany)

High Chance (Expected) (3)
Bagan Archaeological Area and Monuments (Myanmar)
Great Spas of Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czechia, France, Germany, Italy, UK)
Augustow Canal (Belarus, Poland)

Moderate Chance (Progressing) (5)
Majuli Island Cultural Landscape (India)
Lotus Temple, Delhi (India)
The Glorious Kakatiya Temples and Gateways (India)
The Underwater City of Port Royal (Jamaica)
Plain of Jars (Laos)
Pharaoh Island (Egypt)

I will continue to research nominations and post here. However, if anyone has insight on nominations include it here. It would be useful to attempt to narrow down our candidate list for 2019 with a bit more reliability.

Author winterkjm
#87 | Posted: 31 Jul 2017 16:03 | Edited by: winterkjm 

Hyrkan State Reservation (Azerbaijan)

Does anyone know if the Hyrcanian Forest (Iran) is a joint nomination with Azerbaijan? Because based on this article it seems that was the intention?


Author Assif
#88 | Posted: 31 Jul 2017 18:52 
Does anyone know if the Hyrcanian Forest (Iran) is a joint nomination with Azerbaijan?

This would make sense as the Azerbaijani part was deferred in 2006 to allow for a transnational nomination with Iran.

Author warwass
#89 | Posted: 1 Aug 2017 06:45 
Augustow Canal (Belarus, Poland, Lithuania (?)) won't be ready with the nomination dossier for February 2018; they just started discussion and invited Lithuania to join: http://www.poranny.pl/wiadomosci/podlaskie/a/kanal-augustowski-wniosek-o-wpis-na-list e-swiatowego-dziedzictwa-unesco,12319766/ and http://augustowskireporter.pl/aktualnosci/6414-kanal-augustowski-na-liscie-swiatowego -dziedzictwa-unesco.html

Author warwass
#90 | Posted: 1 Aug 2017 06:56 
The Timeless, Humanistic Architecture of Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana and Prague (Slovenia, Czechia): Slovenia's hoping the nomination dossier will be presented to UNESCO next year; see at the end of the article: https://www.rtvslo.si/okolje/narava/slovenska-bukova-gozdova-v-druzbi-nacionalnih-par kov-veliki-kanjon-yellowstone-serengeti/428039 but still not sure: http://www.delo.si/novice/ljubljana/oglasi-kazijo-plecnikovo-dediscino-in-ogrozajo-un escov-naslov.html

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