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Author vantcj1
#346 | Posted: 9 Aug 2016 12:18 
Seems very interesting, meltwaterfalls! As I discussed early on, well before inscription, as an architect I admire a lot the work of Le Corbusier. Not just in the physical evidence of the buildings, but also in the sustaining principles, which evolved for years, and which I think were the reason to inscribe so many of his sites and not just the most representative, because these principles is what was most influential from his work. It is the case of some of his most underwhelming buildings, sometimes in them he experienced principles that he had only developed theoretically, experimented in these works and applied later at a more perfect state in later works. Like here in Immeuble Clarté, that is the reflection of his urban proposition of the Ville Radieuse (as a model for an urban residence which could be replicated ad infinitum) and that was reflected in Immeuble Clarté and perfected in the Unités d'Habitation.

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