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Author Solivagant
#136 | Posted: 11 Jun 2013 12:21 
It might well be "kick UK year" - this link from a couple of days ago says that there are also criitical reports of Westminster, Giants Causeway and Cornwall and West Devon up for discussion!

Author Khuft
#137 | Posted: 11 Jun 2013 12:35 
There are concerns about Upper Middle Rhine valley too, I read somewhere.

Which is all quite ridiculous when you consider what happened in Mali and what is now happening in Syria...

Author Solivagant
#138 | Posted: 11 Jun 2013 12:58 | Edited by: Solivagant 
The implication of this news article from March is that Liverpool WILL be discussed (and possibly decided upon?) at this year's WHC
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/english-heritage-disappointed-after-er ic-pickles-gives-goahead-for-controversial-liverpool-skyscraper-development-8521282.h tml
"The Department for Culture Media and Sport has since submitted a state of conservation report to Unesco officials which will be considered in the summer at a meeting of the 21-strong committee."

Dresden was given several "chances" and even sent its mayor (??) along to make a final unsuccessful plea! De-listing is a "nuclear option" after which ALL leverage is gone so maybe UNESCO will spin it out a bit longer in the hope of getting some changes made .

Newspaper comments are not a statistically valid sample of "public opinion" of course -but it is interesting that (nearly?) every one supports the development and claims that most Liverpudlians do too! The impression given is that, if UNESCO/ICOMOS wishes to "make an example" of Liverpool for developing its city as it has always done albeit a bit too "high rise" for some people's taste, then so be it!

Author meltwaterfalls
#139 | Posted: 11 Jun 2013 13:20 
I had no idea about that Elizabeth House plan and its potential affect on Westminster.

If people wanted to judge for themselves then you can view the proposals here.

My own personal opinion is that this development has very limited/ no impact on the Westminster WHS. The taller of the proposed buildings will be roughly the same as the already existing Shell Centre and would mostly be tucked behind it. It would perhaps be in the background of views of Big Ben from one corner of Parliament Square when the trees don't have leaves on them.

The positives will be that it redevelops a rather ugly stretch of buildings, will open up access to the London's busiest rail terminus and add an impressive piece of architecture that compliments the buildings around it on the south bank. Actually I rather like this building and in comparison to many that are being built further east around the Tower of London it is actually very much in tune with the local built environment.

But what do I know, I'm only a World Heritage enthusiast with a particular fondness for Westminster who happens to use the proposed site on a weekly basis and can see it from my office window, so I'm probably not well placed to judge.

I guess it will probably be added to the list in danger in that case :(

Author clyde
#140 | Posted: 16 Jun 2013 00:10 
I'm not sure if this has already been asked before. Is there a specific date when UNESCO will announce the new WHS for 2013 officially? Any exact date? Cheers

Author elsslots
#141 | Posted: 16 Jun 2013 00:29 
Any exact date?

The dates are June 21, 22, 23. We will be able to follow it live again all those 3 days, via a web livestream.

Author elsslots
#142 | Posted: 16 Jun 2013 10:27 
Another Palestine emergency nomination?Palestine: Land of olives and vines. Cultural Landscape of Southern Jerusalem, Battirhttp://www.france24.com/en/20130503-haaretz-israel-court-halts-construction-wes t-bank -barrier

This seemed to have been withdrawn. Intriguing story here: http://en.ammonnews.net/article.aspx?articleno=21525#.Ub3K1orCTIU

Author KSTraveler
#143 | Posted: 16 Jun 2013 16:31 
I have a feeling this has been asked before or it is common knowledge, but will we know that dates and location for the WHC in 2014 by the 27th?

Author Assif
#144 | Posted: 16 Jun 2013 17:00 
I find the Battir story posted by Els incredible and yet unfortunately representative of the Palestinian policy making during the last 50 years. Instead of using whatever opportunity they might have to fight off Israeli occupation, they fully cooperate with their oppressors. I could personally never understand that.
Politics aside, I hope this nomination will ripen for next year's session as I think it should have good chances of getting inscribed. I was once asked in this Forum as to other potential candidates in Israel and in Palestine and as I answered I truly believe there could be as many as 5 more viable inscriptions for each of them (in short - Palestine: Tel Jericho, Hisham Palace, Mar Saba, potentially Gerizim, Kumran; Israel: Kibbutz movement, Galilee synagogues, erosion cirques in the Negev, Timna, Beth Shearim).

Author elsslots
#145 | Posted: 17 Jun 2013 05:01 
will we know that dates and location for the WHC in 2014 by the 27th?

yes, it's the final decision of the session

Author kkanekahn
#146 | Posted: 19 Jun 2013 04:24 
The dates are June 21, 22, 23. We will be able to follow it live again all those 3 days, via a web livestream.

Can you give me the decision date of refered and defered nom ?
Is it in june 23?

Author clyde
#147 | Posted: 19 Jun 2013 10:42 
thanks for your prompt reply Els.

Author elsslots
#148 | Posted: 28 Jun 2013 12:49 | Edited by: elsslots 
Looking back to the new additions of this year - only 5 days after the last ones were announced, together we've visited 17 out of 19 sites. Pretty good, and it means that the sites aren't too remote.

• Hill Forts of Rajasthan - 20
• University of Coimbra - 17
• Mount Etna - 16
• Fujisan - 12
• Medici Villas and Gardens - 10
• Kaesong - 5
• Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region - 4
• Golestan Palace - 4
• Namib Sand Sea - 4
• Al Zubarah - 3
• Xinjiang Tianshan - 3
• Levuka - 3
• Hani Rice Terraces - 2
• Bergpark Wilhelmshφhe - 2
• Agadez - 1
• El Pinacate - 1
• Tauric Chersonese - 1
• Tajik National Park - 0
• Red Bay Basque Whaling Station - 0

Author meltwaterfalls
#149 | Posted: 28 Jun 2013 19:02 
5 for Kaesong that really is impressive.
Though perhaps the community of people that may visit he DPRK are a littlej more active on travel sites. Still well done to all you guys!

Author Solivagant
#150 | Posted: 29 Jun 2013 02:53 | Edited by: Solivagant 
5 for Kaesong that really is impressive...... Still well done to all you guys!

Actually the media paint a completely incorrect picture of the difficulty of visiting DPRK - (unless you admit to being a journalist!) it is really quite an easy place to visit. You find your tour company, you pay your money and you go there. Getting a visa is simple compared with many other countries. Travel is comfortable. Many travel hassles, such as risk of crime etc, just don't exist. That doesn't make it not worth doing and it does still genuinely seem like an "adventure" so "different" is it but it is important to clarify the reality. It isn't cheap - but not really expensive either - and can easily be taken in from Beijing on a short side leg from China if you are already going to be there.
A (the?) "specialist" tour company with an office in Beijing is

Note the situation for US citizens "All tours are open to US citizens, however at present there is still a policy in DPRK restricting US nationals from leaving the country by train. We regret that we have to add a surcharge fee to leave the tour by plane at the end of the trip."

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