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Author Euloroo
#31 | Posted: 13 Nov 2012 01:21 | Edited by: Euloroo 
I didn't realise Dubai Creek was even on the tentative list

I didn't realise Dubai Creek even existed, despite visiting last year. But I recently rented out Michael Palin's Around the World in 20 Years, where it features I think. Got to admit I'm skeptical on the OUV and integrity!

Author winterkjm
#32 | Posted: 13 Nov 2012 02:39 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Did a little research, as I was also curious.

Description on the Unesco site

"Within the property limits are the most preserved areas of the three historic districts (Shindagha, Bastakia and Deira) with the main traditional souqs and the Faheidi Fort."

"The actual "spirit" of the place is still fully present and authentic, with the creek being the heart of the urban ensemble formed by the historic fort, specialized souqs, elegant mosques, lively residential quarters (Shindagha, Bastakia, Al-Ras) connected, functionally and symbolically, by the continuous cruising of traditional wooden boats (abras and dhows) carrying people and goods."

There seems to be some places of interest in Bastakia and Shindagha. Faheidi Fort, which is the location of the Dubai museum, seems to be a somewhat popular tourist attraction.

Author Euloroo
#33 | Posted: 13 Nov 2012 03:22 
So from that description, I'm getting the vibe that the tangible heritage wears a bit thin...

Author Assif
#34 | Posted: 18 Nov 2012 05:46 

Author Assif
#35 | Posted: 19 Nov 2012 06:02 
Hebron - Palestine
http://megafon-news.co.il/asys/archives/8030 (in Hebrew)

Author Assif
#36 | Posted: 23 Nov 2012 17:22 

Author Assif
#37 | Posted: 23 Nov 2012 17:27 

Author Assif
#38 | Posted: 23 Nov 2012 17:28 

Author Assif
#39 | Posted: 23 Nov 2012 17:31 

Author Assif
#40 | Posted: 23 Nov 2012 17:32 
Interestingly it seems two major projects - the Silk Road and Qhapaq Nan - are both aiming at 2014.
Another interesting observation is that Spain seems to prepare three nominations and France even four.

Author winterkjm
#41 | Posted: 23 Nov 2012 17:42 
"Once the sites' nominations have been submitted, they will undergo a demanding 18 month process of scrutiny and evaluation by UNESCO and its advisory body, the International Council on Monuments and Sites. UNESCO's World Heritage Committee is expected to take the final decision on the Forth Bridge in June 2015 and on Gorham's Cave Complex in 2016."

Whether it be from an official government organization or an article online, submission of a nomination and it actually coming before the WHC is often confused. Seems like the Forth Bridge is 2015, and Gorham's Cave in 2016.

Author elsslots
#42 | Posted: 24 Nov 2012 00:45 | Edited by: elsslots 
Here's the full list of those we've found so far for 2014. France, Spain and the USA may have too many.

• Westhoek (Belgium – this is a bit vague as I have found no recent updates to confirm this, there's also an effort to get the Last Post-ceremony at Westhoek inscribed at the list of immaterial world heritage, and these 2 get mixed up in news reports)
• Grand Canal (China)
• D-Day Beaches (France – 70th anniversary in 2014, so likely)
• Cultural Landscape of Burgundy (France - incomplete nomination 2013)
• Champagne (France )
• Chauvet Pont D'Arc Grotto (France - incomplete nomination 2013)
• Westwork and Civitas Corvey (Germany)
• Imperial Town Planning Traditions of Delhi (India)
• Vank Cathedral (Iran – not on T-list, so unlikely)
• The Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Industrial Heritage (Japan)
• Van Nelle Factory (Netherlands - not mentioned on this thread before, but likely)
• Svalbard (Norway)
• Hebron (Palestine)
• Namhansanseong - Ancient Fortified Military and Cultural Landscape of Mt. Namhansan (South Korea)
• Jaen (extension Ubeda, Baeza) – Spain
• Anana Salt Flat - Spain
• La Rioja - Spain
• Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat (Thailand)
• Mardin Cultural Landscape (Turkey)
• Khor Dubai (UAE)
• Bagηesaray Palace of the Crimean Khans (Ukraine)
• Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings (USA - Taliesin and Taliesin West were referred as far back as 1991, maybe this is seen as a renomination and not a new one)
• Poverty Point (USA)
• Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex (Vietnam)
• Qhapaq Nan (Perϊ, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia)
• Silk Road (China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan)

Author winterkjm
#43 | Posted: 24 Nov 2012 03:23 
The Delhi nomination has been pushed to 2015.

http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/delay-in-world-heritage-tag-for-delhi-no-da mpener/article4101019.ece

The Frank Lloyd Wright nomination is really up in the air. We probably won't know for sure until January. I have seen no confirmation that it will not be submitted for consideration in 2014. However, it has been clearly noted by the NPS that if the nomination needed 1 more year to strengthen the nomination, they would not hesitate to delay consideration until 2015. The potential problem with this is the San Antonio Missions is slated for 2015.

Author hubert
#44 | Posted: 25 Nov 2012 11:19 
I don't think that the D-Day beaches will be submitted to the Unesco within the next years. The article above provided by Assif is rather skeptical, obviously they have not yet started to prepare the nomination files and the management plan.

Nevertheless, four French sites compete for the two possible bids in 2014. In addition to Burgundy, Champagne, and Chauvet, there is also the site of Chaξne des Puys et faille de Limagne, which is nominated for natural criteria:

http://www.chainedespuys-limagnefault.com/the-site/la-chaine-des-puys-et-la-faille-de -limagne/

These four have already applied for 2013. Chauvet and Burgundy were selected, but the documents were incomplete. It will be interesting to see how France will decide for 2014.
In any case, there are a few vineyards in the pipeline from France, Spain and the referred site from Italy.

Author meltwaterfalls
#45 | Posted: 3 Dec 2012 13:14 
• Westwork and Civitas Corvey (Germany)

I didn't realise this one was floating around for inscription. I'm going to be in the area this month and am trying to work out if it is worth a visit.

Has anyone been there? The town look pleasant but I have no idea if the abbey is good enough for inscription.

I had a look at the website could someone with better German than me confirm that it is closed in November - March.

Being closed won't fully rule it out of my itinerary (New Year wouldn't be New Year without being locked outside a freezing cold WHS), but it will give me some ideas to help shape my thinking.

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