World Heritage Sites in Romania

Site nameEntered
Danube Delta1991
Churches of Moldavia1993
Monastery of Horezu1993
Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania1993
Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie Mountains1999
Wooden Churches of Maramures1999
Historic Centre of Sighisoara1999

Tentative list of Romania
Codrul secular Slatiora (foret seculaire)
Eglises byzantines et post-byzantines de Curtea de Arges
L'église de Densus
L'église des Trois Hierarques de Iassy
L'ensemble monumental de Tirgu Jiu
L'ensemble rupestre de Basarabi
Le Monastère de Neamt
Le noyau historique de la ville d'Alba Julia
Les "coules" de Petite Valachie
Massif du Retezat
Pietrosul Rodnei (sommet de montagne)
Sinpetru (site paleontologique)
The Historic Centre of Sibiu and its Ensemble of Squares
The old villages of Hollókõ and Rimetea and their surroundings

Romania #2 (September 2010)

The second week of my stay in Romania I spent in the north and the east of the country. In the Maramures and Bucovina I drove around by car from village to village looking for wooden or painted churches. I ended my trip in Tulcea near the Danube, which looks like a completely different country: steppe, marshland, reed.

. Danube Delta
. Churches of Moldavia
. Wooden Churches of Maramures

Transylvania Hotspot (September 2010)

Transylvania is a region in Central Romania that has seen many rulers, colonists and invaders over the ages. It's an excellent hotspot for checking out WHS. I stayed in Sibiu (a tentative WHS itself), and from there made day trips to the mysterious Dacian Fortresses, 2 Villages with Fortified Churches, the citadel-town of Sighisoara and the delicate Monastery of Horezu (which is technically just south of Transylvania, but well within reach from Sibiu).

. Villages with Fortified Churches
. Monastery of Horezu
. Sighisoara
. Dacian Fortresses