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Repainted in a different colour

Major monuments within the core zone of a WHS, that have been over the course of history repainted in a different colour.

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Connected Sites

  • Lumbini: the site with Buddhas remains and footprint was terra cotta in the past and is now white
  • Melaka and George Town: Melaka: Originally, the Stadhuys like the other Dutch administrative buildings in South East Asia was painted white. However, after Melaka was handed over to the British, it was re-painted terra cotta by the British in 1911.
  • Struve Geodetic Arc: Tartu Observatory in Estonia: from bright yellow to white
  • Trinity Sergius Lavra: Repainted in much more bright colours: Gate Church of St John the Baptist which is now technicolor
  • Upper Middle Rhine Valley: Mouse Tower in Bingen and the Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, both were recently painted in white with red elements Link


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