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Visit Spain timeless beauty!!
Spain is a very beautiful country. It is abundant with beautiful and interesting spots for an excellent and a very fun vacation. Anyone may have the dream of spending an awesome vacation at Spain. Well, Spain is a perfect place for summer, winter and for holiday season. In fact, Spain is not only best for holiday seasons. It is a perfect place for an out-planned vacation because you can always enjoy in Spain anytime. The most fun event you would enjoy in Spain is the hot air balloon riding. Perhaps, a lot of people from different countries visit Spain just to experience how good and fun it is to ride in a hot air balloon. Mainly, balloon flights are located at the north of Barcelona. Those tourists who wish to experience a breathtaking adventure with hot air balloons may accommodate for a Barcelona hotel for a completely enjoyable vacation break.

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Burgos Cathedral Jolina

Burgos Cathedral by jolina

Burgos Cathedral is one of the Spaniard historical events and places the old church that unite the people of Spain. A lot of wonders and miracle happen in this church the Catholic are the dominant religion in Spain, I love the design of the church and art.

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