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-Argentina:2 *Iguazu National Park
*Quebrada de Humahuaca
-Australia:7 *Kakadu National Park
*Great Barrier Reef
*Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
*Wet Tropics of Queensland
*Greater Blue Mountains area
*Sydney Opera House
*Gondwana rainforests
-Austria :1 *Historic Centre of Vienna
-Belgium :6 *La Grand-Place,Brussels
*Flemish beguinages
*Historic Centre of Brugge
*Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai
*Belfries of Belgium
*The Four Lifts
-Bolivia :3 *City of Potosi
*Historic City of Sucre
-Brazil :1 *Iguazu National Park
-Cambodia :1 *Angkor
-Chili :1 *Rapa Nui National Park
-Croatia :3 *Old City of Dubrovnik
*Historic Complex of Split
*Plitvice Lakes National Park
-Ecuador :3 *City of Quito
*Historic Centre of Santa Ana de
los Rios de Cuenca
*Sangay national park
-Egypt :4 *Memphis and its necropolis-the
Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dashur
*Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis
*Nubian Monuments from Abu
Simbel to Philae
*Islamic Cairo
-France :9 *Mont Saint Michel and its Bay
*Pont du Gard
*Paris,Banks of the Seine
*Causses and Cevennes
-Germany :6 *Aachen Cathdral
*Cologne Cathedral
*Museum Insel Berlin
*Upper Middle Rhine Valley
*Wadden Sea

-Greece :6 *archeological site of Delphi
-Guatemala:2 *Tikal National Park
*Antigua Guatemala
-Honduras :1 *Maya Site of Copan
-India :8 *Agra Fort
*Taj Mahal
*Sun Temple,Konarak
*Kaziranga National Park
*Keoladeo National Park
*Fatehpur Sikri
*Mountain Railways of India
-Indonesia:4 *Borobudur Temple Compounds
*Komodo National Park
*Prambanan Temple Compounds
*Tropical Rainforest Heritage of
-Italy :2 *Venice and its Lagoon
-Jordan :4 *Petra
*Quseir Amra
*Um er-Rasas
*Wadi Rum
-Luxembourg:1*City of Luxembourg
-Mexico :14*Palenque
*Historic Centre of Mexico City
and Xochimilco
*Oaxaca and Monte Alban.
*El Tajin
*Popocatepetl monasteries
*Mexico City University Campus
*Camino Real
*Yagul and Mitla
-Malaysia :1 *Melaka and George Town

-Nepal :3 *Sagarmatha National Park
*Kathmandu Valley
*Royal Chitwan National Park
-Netherlands:2 *Wadden Sea
-New Zealand:2*Te Wahipounamu-South West New Z.
*Tongariro National Park
-Peru :8 *City of Cuzco
*Machu Picchu
*Huascaran National Park
*Chan Chan
*Historic Centre of Lima
*Nazca Lines
*Arequipa Historical Centre
-Portugal :2 *Lisbon Belem
*Historic Centre of Evora
-Spain :1 *La Lonja de la Seda
-Thailand :2 *Sukothai
-Turkey :7 *Istanbul
*Goreme and Capadocia
*Nemrut Dag
*Selimiye Mosque
-United Kingdom:2*Westminster Palace
*Tower of London
-Vietnam :4 *Complex of Huy monuments
*My Son
*Hoi An Ancient Town
*Thang Long

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Name: Francky D'Hoop

Country: Belgium

Visited WHS: 126

Most Impressive: -Rapa Nui National Park, Chili (Easter Island) -Machu Picchu,Peru

Proposal New WHS: -Menenpoort Ieper, Belgium
-Bagan, Myanmar (Birma)

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Update 31.12.69


  1. Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai
  2. Arequipa
  3. Ephesus
  4. Vienna
  5. Upper Middle Rhine Valley
  6. Um er-Rasas
  7. Quebrada de Humahuaca
  8. Causses and Cévennes
  9. Tropical Rainforest Sumatra
  10. Bali Subak system
  11. Sagarmatha National Park
  12. Kathmandu Valley
  13. Melaka and George Town
  14. Dolomites
  15. Central University City Campus of the UNAM
  16. Copan
  17. Wadden Sea
  18. Thang Long
  19. Amsterdam Canal Ring
  20. Camino Real
  21. Yagul and Mitla
  22. Selimiye Mosque
  23. Wadi Rum
  24. Burgundy
  25. Bursa and Cumalikizik
  26. Pergamon
  27. Qhapaq Ñan
  28. Kakadu National Park
  29. Great Barrier Reef
  30. Orange
  31. Arles
  32. Sydney Opera House
  33. Quito
  34. Avignon
  35. Sun Temple, Konarak
  36. Mahabalipuram
  37. Agra Fort
  38. Taj Mahal
  39. Fatehpur Sikri
  40. Sangay National Park
  41. Belem
  42. Cuzco
  43. Machu Picchu
  44. Chitwan National Park
  45. Cologne Cathedral
  46. Aachen Cathedral
  47. Iguazu National Park
  48. Petra
  49. Quseir Amra
  50. Chavin
  51. Huascaran National Park
  52. Kaziranga National Park
  53. Keoladeo National Park
  54. Pont du Gard
  55. Iguacu
  56. Istanbul
  57. Göreme NP
  58. Evora
  59. Chan Chan
  60. Gondwana Rainforests
  61. Archaeological Site of Delphi
  62. Venice and its Lagoon
  63. Acropolis
  64. Palenque
  65. Mexico City and Xochimilco
  66. Teotihuacan
  67. Oaxaca and Monte Alban
  68. Puebla
  69. Potosi
  70. Tongariro National Park
  71. Westminster
  72. Uluru
  73. Nemrut Dag
  74. Meteora
  75. Guanajuato
  76. Chichen-Itza
  77. Xanthos-Letoon
  78. Hierapolis-Pamukkale
  79. Wet Tropics of Queensland
  80. Tower of London
  81. Epidaurus
  82. Strasbourg
  83. Lima
  84. Mystras
  85. Potsdam
  86. Te Wahipounamu
  87. Sucre
  88. Tiwanaku
  89. Sukhothai
  90. Ayutthaya
  91. Borobudur
  92. Paris, Banks of the Seine
  93. Komodo National Park
  94. El Tajin
  95. Tikal National Park
  96. Prambanan
  97. Antigua Guatemala
  98. Angkor
  99. Hué
  100. City of Luxembourg
  101. Nasca Lines
  102. Popocatepetl monasteries
  103. Rapa Nui
  104. La Lonja de la Seda
  105. Uxmal
  106. Mont-Saint-Michel
  107. Troy
  108. Flemish Béguinages
  109. The Four Lifts
  110. Grand Place, Brussels
  111. Pyramids (Memphis)
  112. Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca
  113. Ancient Thebes
  114. Nubian Monuments
  115. Historic Cairo
  116. Museumsinsel (Museum Island)
  117. Greater Blue Mountains
  118. Mycenae and Tiryns
  119. Belfries
  120. Mountain Railways of India
  121. Hoi An
  122. My Son
  123. Dubrovnik
  124. Split
  125. Plitvice Lakes
  126. Brugge
  1. Abydos, city of pilgrimage of the Pharaohs (T)
  2. Alexandria, ancient remains and the new library (T)
  3. Ancient cities of Upper Myanmar : Innwa, Amarapura, Sagaing, Mingun, Mandalay (T)
  4. Ancient Greek Theatres (T)
  5. Archaeological Site of Perge (T)
  6. Archaeological Site of Sagalassos (T)
  7. Bagan Archaeological Area and Monuments (T)
  8. Bunaken National Park (T)
  9. Cultural Itinerary of Ecuador's Trans-Andean Train (T)
  10. Delhi - A Heritage City (T)
  11. El Fayoum (T)
  12. Historic Center of the City of Trujillo (T)
  13. Historical City Centre of Yogyakarta (T)
  14. Inle Lake (T)
  15. Kuelap Archaeological Complex (T)
  16. La Camargue (T)
  17. Lake Titicaca (T)
  18. Le champ de bataille de Waterloo, la fin de l’épopée napoléonienne (T)
  19. Le Panorama de la Bataille de Waterloo, exemple particulièrement significatif de « Phénomène de Panoramas » (T)
  20. Le plateau des Hautes-Fagnes (T)
  21. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (T)
  22. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (T)
  23. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (T)
  24. Massif du Mont Blanc (T)
  25. Massif du Mont-Blanc (T)
  26. Monuments, Sites and Cultural Landscape of Chiang Mai, Capital of Lanna (T)
  27. Necropolises of Middle Egypt, from the Middle Empire to the Roman period (T)
  28. Nice, la ville neuve née du tourisme, ou l’invention de la Riviera (T)
  29. Oasis of Fayoum, hydraulic remains and ancient cultural landscapes (T)
  30. Pharaon Island (T)
  31. Pharaonic temples in Upper Egypt from the Ptolemaic and Roman periods (T)
  32. Phimai, its Cultural Route and the Associated Temples of Phanomroong and Muangtam (T)
  33. Sacred Titicaca Lake (T)
  34. Sites funéraires et mémoriels de la Première Guerre mondiale (Front Ouest) (T)
  35. Sites mégalithiques de Carnac (T)
  36. Siwa archaeological area (T)
  37. Tana Toraja Traditional Settlement (T)
  38. The Historic Centre of Cajamarca (T)
  39. The Mediterranean Facet of the Pyrenees (France-Spain) (T)
  40. The Old Town of Jakarta (Formerly old Batavia) and 4 Outlying Islands (Onrust, Kelor, Cipir dan Bidadari) (T)
  41. Town of Chichicastenango (T)
  42. Waters and seabed of Fiordland (Te Moana O Atawhenua) (T)
  1. Andaman Islands
  2. Bagan
  3. Death Valley National Park
  4. Ephesus
  5. Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol
  6. Kangchendzonga National Park
  7. Nan Madol
  8. Neuschwanstein Castle
  9. Petrified Forest National Park
  10. Pharaonic Temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu
  11. Plain of Jars / Sites Mégalithiques de la province de Xieng Khouang
  12. Railways of the Andes
  13. Rainforests of Polynesia
  14. Shwedagon Pagoda
  15. Sistema Vial Andino/Qhapaq Ñan
  16. Sites Mégalithiques de Carnac
  17. Tana Toraja Cultural Landscape
  18. Torres del Paine National Park
  19. Varanasi
  20. Westhoek: places of memory and monuments of the Great War