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The Website

The "World Heritage Site" is a website for travellers dedicated to visiting the locations listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The website is a fully independent source of information about World Heritage Sites (WHS) and does not intend to make a profit. We value open discussion at the Forum, the exchange of personal travel experiences via reviews of WHS visits and enhancing our knowledge, regardless of a contributor's origins or how many WHS he or she has visited. The website was founded in 1997, and nowadays attracts some 4,000 unique visitors a day.

The Traveller

The website was developed by me, Els Slots. I have extensive independent travel experience in over 100 official UN countries. My goal in life is to visit all WHS. To achieve this goal I get away about once every month, with trips varying in difficulty and length between a (long) weekend in Europe and a 5.5 month trip around the world covering 47 WHS.

I plan my travels around WHS and TWHS (sites on the Tentative List), but also try to fit in capital cities, national museums, rewarding day-hikes and local festivities. Some memorable experiences from the last 5 years include: tracking gorillas and chimpanzees in Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of Congo, 2016), enjoying the art and architecture of Florence with 20 art history students for a week (Italy, 2015), observing the Friday night Sufi dancing at Omdurman (Sudan, 2014), celebrating Now Ruz with 1 million Kurds in Sulaymaniyah (Iraq, 2013), getting to grips with Beirut via a city walk (Lebanon, 2012), biking the Kibi plains (Japan, 2012) and hiking the gravel road across Iwokrama NP at dusk while hearing the jungle wake up (Guyana, 2012).

I live in The Netherlands, where - to earn money for new trips - I work as a manager for an international Information Technology firm. I hold a Master's degree in Modern and Social Economic History from Leiden University. The subject of my thesis was "The Aftermath of the Abolition of Slavery on Curacao". I also just finished a Bachelor's degree in General Cultural Sciences, with a focus on Art History ("The perception of the Bentheim landscape in the paintings of Jacob van Ruisdael"). I will go on to pursue a Master's Degree in Art & Cultural Sciences, starting from September '16.


This website is a private initiative, and has no connection whatsoever with UNESCO or the World Heritage Committee.


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